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Remotr is a free app to play any video game installed on your PC right from your Android smartphone or tablet. In order to get things started, all you need to do is install the Remotr Streamer client onto your PC and connect to a WiFi signal shared between the devices you want to use.

When starting up the app you’ll get a quick view of all the PC games loaded onto the connected computer. Just a quick tap on one of your games will get it running, and you can set up your controllers to play from there, though you can always go back and change them later on. Using a ‘pure’ touch screen mode, mouse simulator, virtual buttons, bluetooth controls and much more are all a possibility thanks to Remotr.

From your settings options, choosing if you want to mute your computer sound or if you want your screen to shut off while you’re playing and even configure the image quality for your stream. Controls are noticeably customizable to your every gaming whim.

Remotr is a particularly useful application that’s decidedly easy to manage. While the set-up involved for other similar apps tend to be nightmare-ish, with Remotr, you’ll start playing on your Android no time at all, less than five minutes flat.
By Erika Okumura
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